Back in action!

Hello again, all my fantastic supporters of Article Thirty-Nine! It’s been a few months since my last post, and much has happened in this time, but first things first, I have some exciting news to (belatedly) announce:

The Dawn Collective

The Dawn Collective, playing at Article Thirty-Nine.

The entire Article Thirty-Nine Concert can now be watched online for FREE, for as promised, the footage from Article Thirty-Nine is now up on Moshcam’s site, including a feature article on the concert. The crew at Moshcam did a fantastic job filming all the performers and artists –  you  can check it all out here.


In the months gone by since the concert, I have been reflecting on my experiences over the last year, and planning my way forward for the year to come. It didn’t take long to realise, that despite the many trials and tribulations I faced when organising Article Thirty-Nine Concert, it was most certainly a battle worth fighting. It is, without hesitation, a battle that I would fight, and indeed will fight again.

I’m taking this year off as a ‘gap year’ – to work, save (for Uni in 2010, and future travel), and volunteer on a number of projects based in Australia. One of these projects is particularly close to my heart, and I am extremely excited about it’s potential to really ‘get off the ground’, and take the next steps towards becoming a well established event…You guessed it – the Article Thirty-Nine Concert will be back in 2009 – and this year, it’s going to be even bigger and better! So stay tuned, and I’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news and progress.

Article Thirty-Nine Pole PosterIn the meantime, don’t forget to check out the footage from the first Article Thirty-Nine Concert – I hope you’re excited as I am that it most certainly wont be the last!

Thanks for your continuing support and encouragement, none of this would be possible without you.


A Night to Remember

On Sunday night, November 23, my life changed.

I did not anticipate that it would be so, yet as I sit here, I know that the Article Thirty-Nine Concert has forever changed me, and my life. Most excitingly, I know I am not alone; there was over 250 people attending who shared this experience. It is difficult to find the right words to express just how incredible it was…it was perfect.

The Dawn Collective rocking at Article Thirty-Nine. Photo curtesty of Cassandra Fowler

A great shot of The Dawn Collective. Photo courtesty of Cassandra Fowler

Perfect Performers:
All of the bands were simply superb, and likewise, the knowledge and heartfelt passion of the speakers left us all speechless. Each of the performers brought something new and unique to the evening – from new beats and an eclectic mix of styles of music, to a new, heartbreaking understanding of the plight of child soldiers. What an awesome line-up!

Red Hand Campaign!

One of our fantastic volunteers with the Red Hand banner. Photo courtesy of Nicola Jones-Crossley

Priceless People:
I have never come across a better audience. Not at Coldplay in Paris, nor Ben Harper in Sydney, nor even Michael Franti in an intimate gig in Wollongong. For not only was our audience pumped up, excited, and ready to dance the night away, but they were ready to listen to the speakers, ready to take the message of their words to heart…you could have heard a pin drop during the speeches! It was unreal.

The vibrant vibe! Photo courtesy of Ellie Martin

The vibrant vibe! Photo courtesy of Ellie Martin

Vibrant Vibe:
I was blown away by the fantastic vibe of the gig. Everyone – from the performers, to the venue staff, to the volunteers and the audience, was simply fantastic, and 100% engaged in the concert.

I don’t know about you, but at most gigs I go to, security guards generally don’t get involved in the event…well, things are different at The Factory, and at Article Thirty-Nine. One of the security guards at the door was talking to the volunteers at the merchandise desk – he loved the concert, and was very supportive of the cause. He even participated in the Red Hand Campaign! Wow!

We have already raised over $5,500 for the rehabilitation centre, and with donations still trickling in, I am confident that we will reach over $6000. I am absolutely blown away by this incredible achievement!

I will be posting again over the next few days/weeks with more pictures, and a more comprehensive coverage of the evening. Also, the full recording of the Article Thirty-Nine Concert will be available within the next couple of weeks from Moshcam’s site – so I’ll be sure to let you know once it’s up and running!

I would like to, again, thank each and every one of you for coming along and making the Article Thirty-Nine Concert such a vibrant, and wonderful night of celebration. I would also like to thank all those who couldn’t make it to the concert, but whose unfailing support for the project over the past months helped to make Article Thirty-Nine such a great success!

For all the enthusiastic Article Thirty-Nine-ers who don’t want to journey end here – I need your help! I am on a mission to get absolutely all the concert pictures and videos together, for Article Thirty-Nine was, and is, a night to remember! Upload them to the Article Thirty-Nine Concert pool on Flickr, or the Article Thirty-Nine cause page on Facebook. Alternatively, email them to me [], and I’ll add them for you 🙂

Be inspired for change – because thanks to you, it’s already begun!

A few more pics of the bands for you to enjoy!

Tim Ireland, accompanied by Damien Lane. Photo courtesy of Nicola Jones-Crossley

Tim Ireland, accompanied by Damien Lane. Photo courtesy of Nicola Jones-Crossley

Falling In Autumn

Falling In Autumn, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

The Shipwrecked, photo courtesy of Nicola Jones-Crossley

The Shipwrecked, photo courtesy of Nicola Jones-Crossley

Adam Cousens, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Adam Cousens, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Jack Carty and The Party, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Jack Carty and The Party, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Levi McGrath playing his song "Children of War". Photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Levi McGrath playing his song Children of War. Photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Peregrine, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Peregrine, photo courtesy of Cassandra Fowler

Happy Universal Children’s Day!

Today is a special day – Universal Children’s Day. It is a day for celebration, a day to take a stand for the rights of children, a day to reflect, remember, and get excited about taking action this Sunday! The Article Thirty-Nine Concert is being held in celebration of today – November 20, Universal Children’s Day – and offers all Sydney-siders the opportunity to become part of the global movement for change. Join us this Sunday evening at the concert to put Australia on the map for Universal Children’s Day 2008!

I’ve been busy with promotion this week, giving talks in high schools, attending social networking events, and with the help of my wonderful family and friends, have been distributing posters in shops, cafes and bars all across Sydney. Also, don’t forget to tune in tonight to the interview on FBi – 94.5FM between 8pm and 9pm!

Sunday will be here before we know it – so make sure you don’t forget to invite all your friends, and buy your tickets online! I need your help to make this a celebration to remember!

I am also on the look out for volunteers to join me for some street campaigning/promotion in the city on Saturday. If you’re available please do come along and bring your friends – it’s going to be a fun day! We’re meeting at the fountain in Hyde Park at 11am, if you want more info, or have any questions, please send me an email at

So, happy Universal Children’s Day – be inspired for change!

The Cameras are Rolling for the Article Thirty-Nine Concert

With less than a week to go until the Article Thirty-Nine Concert, I have been out spreading the word far and wide.

From The Hills Shire Times, to Drum Media, Time Out Sydney, Two Thousand, and even FBi – the message of Article Thirty-Nine is hitting the streets all across Sydney. We’ve got a great ad playing on FBi 94.5FM 1-3 times a day now, so be sure to keep an ‘ear out’ for it!

Yet even more excitingly – we’ve just received confirmation for an interview on the FBi program ‘The Bridge’, on Universal Children’s Day – this Thursday. So be sure to tune in to 94.5FM between 8pm and 9pm on Thursday evening, and you’ll even catch a live acoustic set by Jack Carty and The Party!

Article Thirty-Nine Pole PosterIf you live or work in the city, you may have seen our pole posters around the Enmore, Newtown, and Glebe areas – they look spectacular! They were designed by the wonderful Pat Harris – graphic designer, and bass player in Jack Carty and The Party. Pat is a talented and extremely generous young man, and I am ever so grateful for the time and effort he’s spent on our concert promotional material!

But with this mad (yet fantastic) rush of excitement about the concert, make sure you don’t forget to book your tickets online asap, and remind all your friends to do so as well!

And it just gets better! Do you want to be able to remember the Article Thirty-Nine Concert, just as is, forever? Well, with Moshcam on our side, you’ll be able to do just that!

Moshcam are, in a word, awesome! They’ve taken a special interest in Article Thirty-Nine, and are keen to do all they can to help us get the message out there. They will be making a professional recording of the concert, which will be streamed on their site after the concert – – for your enjoyment! So for your chance to get in the frame for a bit of fame, make sure you’re in the front row and showing your support for our fantastic performers!

Stay tuned…Article Thirty-Nine may be coming to a newspaper, magazine, radio station, or perhaps even a TV show near you!

We have a winner!

Article Thirty-Nine Concert, On the Moon!

Originally uploaded by Silver Stitch

Excitingly, the time has come to announce the winner of the Article Thirty-Nine photo competition.

Please show your support with a round of applause for our winner of the free double pass to Article Thirty-Nine on November 23 – Silver Stitch, with his photo “Article Thirty-Nine Concert, On the Moon!”

Who ever thought we’d live to see Article Thirty-Nine make it to the moon? I certainly hadn’t dared to set my hopes so high – yet Silver Stitch was undaunted by the enormity of such a task, and set out on a space mission to ensure that the message of Article Thirty-Nine would shine out across the world.

The featured photo is the result of his efforts, and is living proof that even small ideas can become part of the bigger picture – yes, even part of our solar system!

Hats off to our most worthy winner – three cheers for Silver Stitch!

For everyone else – don’t forget to buy your tickets online this week at

P.S. If you think you can beat Silver Stitches grand efforts, send your picture to me at – and if it makes the cut, I’ll post it here!

Win tickets to the Article Thirty-Nine Concert!

Article 39 with the Mona LisaHow does this sound? Seven bands, 3 speakers, and a ton of fun to be had.

All happening from 4pm on November 23, 2008 at The Factory in Enmore.

And while I would LOVE you to buy tickets, I am also giving you the chance to WIN a double pass for FREE.

Well, not really free. What you need to do to WIN is the following.

It’s fun, and it’s simple!

  1. Download and print out the Article Thirty-Nine Concert logo (see below)
  2. Take a picture of yourself with the logo/the logo (as pictured above) to spread the message about the concert in any of the following ways:
    • With an icon – such as the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, (or perhaps the Mona Lisa?)
    • With a star – get the logo in front of someone famous
    • Be creative – choose an unusual or creative setting
  3. Upload the pic to your Flickr account (if you’re not already a member you can sign up here)
  4. Assign the picture to the group “Article Thirty-Nine Concert”
  5. Spread the word about your picture:
    • If you have a blog, write about it
    • If you are a member of the Article Thirty-Nine Facebook group, post it there
    • Or just email it to me

You MUST have your entries in by 11:59pm on Saturday, November 15 and I will publish the winning entry here over the weekend.

Article Thirty-Nine Concert Logo

A time for action

With the concert now only weeks away, things have quickly become very busy. Working on the final concert details, and giving promotion our all, is the newly formed Article Thirty-Nine team; myself, Jacqui Biffin, and Will, Amy, Trina and Dan from The Oaktree Foundation*. While some have been working on the concert for months, others have only joined us in the last week or two. Yet one thing we all have in common, is our excitement to see this project get off the ground, and our passion to create positive change in the lives of former child soldiers, through engaging young Australians in the Article Thirty-Nine Concert. With this passion on our side, we’ve been working long days and nights to ensure that the concert rocks out in style. Join us for the fun!

The support and mentorship of Gavin Heaton is, as ever, unfailing, and that armour of his just keeps on shining! The support and enthusiasm of my friends, family and wider community has been simply staggering – it is greatly inspiring to have so many who are so willing to help.

With the current conflict and instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has forced tens of thousands to flee their homes and villages, and has left the region of North Kivu in a state of disarray, the Article Thirty-Nine project is more important than ever. In the face of the renewed fighting, and the great suffering of the people of the DR Congo, I ask you not to despair, but to have hope. For through our actions, and the funds that we raise at the Article Thirty-Nine Concert, we will make a difference in the lives of children in the DRC. The greater impact of this is that once they leave the rehabilitation centre, the children can return to their communities and families, and thus make a positive contribution to the future of their country. Equally important to raising the funds that enable this change, is promoting awareness about the issue. For as more people become aware of the situation, more people will speak out against the atrocities, and our voices will be heard.

So as the concert draws nearer, please help us spread the word about Article Thirty-Nine. Help us make the concert a great success, and in doing so, change the lives of children in the DR Congo.

Buy your tickets online now!

* The Oaktree Foundation is a supporting partner of the Article Thirty-Nine Concert.