The Cameras are Rolling for the Article Thirty-Nine Concert

With less than a week to go until the Article Thirty-Nine Concert, I have been out spreading the word far and wide.

From The Hills Shire Times, to Drum Media, Time Out Sydney, Two Thousand, and even FBi – the message of Article Thirty-Nine is hitting the streets all across Sydney. We’ve got a great ad playing on FBi 94.5FM 1-3 times a day now, so be sure to keep an ‘ear out’ for it!

Yet even more excitingly – we’ve just received confirmation for an interview on the FBi program ‘The Bridge’, on Universal Children’s Day – this Thursday. So be sure to tune in to 94.5FM between 8pm and 9pm on Thursday evening, and you’ll even catch a live acoustic set by Jack Carty and The Party!

Article Thirty-Nine Pole PosterIf you live or work in the city, you may have seen our pole posters around the Enmore, Newtown, and Glebe areas – they look spectacular! They were designed by the wonderful Pat Harris – graphic designer, and bass player in Jack Carty and The Party. Pat is a talented and extremely generous young man, and I am ever so grateful for the time and effort he’s spent on our concert promotional material!

But with this mad (yet fantastic) rush of excitement about the concert, make sure you don’t forget to book your tickets online asap, and remind all your friends to do so as well!

And it just gets better! Do you want to be able to remember the Article Thirty-Nine Concert, just as is, forever? Well, with Moshcam on our side, you’ll be able to do just that!

Moshcam are, in a word, awesome! They’ve taken a special interest in Article Thirty-Nine, and are keen to do all they can to help us get the message out there. They will be making a professional recording of the concert, which will be streamed on their site after the concert – – for your enjoyment! So for your chance to get in the frame for a bit of fame, make sure you’re in the front row and showing your support for our fantastic performers!

Stay tuned…Article Thirty-Nine may be coming to a newspaper, magazine, radio station, or perhaps even a TV show near you!


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  1. Fantastic……I’ll be listening tomorrow night. See you all at Article 39……..

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